I made this for TIFreak8x, but the rest of you are welcome to use it. It will take any bitmap image and convert it into black and white hexidecimal, where a white pixel = 0 and a black pixel = 1. Enjoy!

BMP to Hex Converter
I was testing it (I was using the pokemon pic that TI Freak posted to test it, its bmp in color), and i chose it and clicked the 'send fil' button, what happens then? It just seems to take the info, it does not display any hex either.

P.S. I was looking in the directory that that is contained in, and wtf is bug count? it looks like it jsut keeps making more of the "song" until you run out of memory or something!
That's the irony of it. Smile What do you mean the bmp converter didn't work? Didn't it output anything?
KermMartian wrote:
That's the irony of it. Smile What do you mean the bmp converter didn't work? Didn't it output anything?

nope, just came back up with the same page, but the box was not filled up >.< (could it be because i was using Opera? Should i use IE?)

Nope, that's not the reason. I tested it there too o.O what is the problem?
maybe it needs to be a specific size and color bitmap.
Kerm, I am gonna send you the images Kirb sent me... I tested it, and it didn't spit out the correct stuff... It thinks all the whites are F... It is just all messed up...

Sent to your yahoo account, hope you still use it...
Actually, after I got that fixed and added a little preview so you can see what it will look like, I discovered that the encoding on your bmps appears to be way off. When I use some that I created, they look great. If I use yours, though, they come out wrong. Are you sure they're windows bitmaps?
Kirb sent them to me, after he did something to convert them to 32x32. Beyond that, I know nothing, so you would have to ask him.
Oh, ok. I'm suspecting something with the RLE compression though.
Edit: By opening it in paint, making any change (eg moving it one pixel), and resaving, it works fine. Want me to do that to all of them and send them along to you as fixed-up bmps?
That is ok, now that I know what to do, I can do that myself. Smile

I will probably run the three I have already played with through it, see if it will spit out the right numbers.
Awesome. I'm sorry about that problem; it looks like PHP doesn't parse BMPs properly. Sad
Hey, it is no problem ^^ I just hope the numers end up matching what I have on paper, that is all. Smile
As do I. [/me crosses his fingers and hopes for the best]
They were saved with Photofiltre. I don't know if it saved as 256-color or 24-bit.
Perhaps 256? My program assumes 24-bit, imho.
i am going to test it now too! (my internet gave out so i was not connected at all yesterday , Bellsouth is so fucking moody!)
Well, I tried it with one that I saved in paint, and the numbers are still off.I am not sure what it would take to make things work correctly... I will try to upload the program with the couple images that are on there, and the bitmaps, and let you look at it. Smile
That would be awesome, that could definitely help me figure out what the discrepancy.


Just use Z=1 and Z=2.
Dude, duh. I'm using a different algorithm than you to decide what gets to be black and what is white. Pop some of my hex in and check out the difference.
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