If you recently saw our review of the gold TI-84 Plus CE, you already know that we're suitably impressed with the new gold and white TI-84 Plus CEs. We recently heard that TI is running a month-long contest in which you can win your own gold or white TI-84 Plus CE, as well as a videoconference with mathematician and pro football player John Urschel, plus a $500 Amazon gift card. As with TI's "ilyTI" contest (and unlike the earlier "Calculate Your Color" contest), you enter by posting on Twitter or Instagram. Assuming you have a publicly-viewable account, you take a picture of math at work in your world, post it with #MathFTW and #TIContest, and you're entered for the daily drawing of a TI-84 Plus CE as well as the grand prize. Among our ideas are how we use calculators in our academic and professional lives, showing how math is important to our jobs, and perhaps a creative application or two of math to our recreation. If you come up with some particularly cool ideas, we hope you'll show them to us here in the attached thread!

According to the press release, this contest is part of a partnership with John Urschel, a professional football player who is also pursuing a Ph.D. at MIT in Applied Math. Since we're always interested in how we can inspire students to explore STEM fields, we appreciate TI Education president Dr. Peter Balyta's sentiment that TI is "excited to [...] show students that mathematics is rooted in reality[; ...]math underlies every aspect of life and it can help you solve almost any problem." Good luck to those of you entering the contest!

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TI Education #MathFTW Contest

I'd enter but I don't use Twitter or Instagram. So sad Razz

Maybe I'd register anyways, I end up running for my calculator whenever an opportunity to do something like figure out how many bytes I have to work with and if my amazing never-happening plans will fit into the space or not.
Even if you don't win, I'd be curious to see how you'd be able to represent the math inherent to those concepts in a photo for the contest.
Here's my entry:

Hopefully that's enough.
StrawberryFrostedPopTart wrote:
Here's my entry:

Hopefully that's enough.

There is a casio calculator Evil or Very Mad
Don't forget that today is the first day of the MathFTW contest! Get those Twitter/Instagram accounts hopping with photos of math in everyday life (and while you're at it, feel free to throw the #cemetech hashtag onto your Tweets/Instagrams as well).
*bump* I definitely spent more than $88 of brain power and actual hours entering the MathFTW contest, and I managed to be the daily winner on the second-to-last day of the contest with my favorite photo of me holding a model train in front of the full-sized version of the same locomotive. Also, the voting for the five finalists is now underway: http://www.mathftw.com/ . I'm not hugely impressed with any of the five, other than the Sierpinksi one; how about you guys?
I voted for the pi tip. I thought that was funny.
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