August is well underway, and in many parts of the northern hemisphere, it's oppressively hot and humid. Summer (including vacations) is the norm for many of our members, which means that this July saw relatively few posts about completed or significantly updated projects. Nevertheless, we're happy to bring you news of what some Cemetechians have been spending their time on this past month. Since only one project was completed this month (Don't Touch the Spikes CE), it wins the best completed project of the month by default.
  • Gameulator Gen 4: The Gameulator project by Botboy3000 that puts the contents of the Gameboy Advance SP into the shell of an 84 Plus. Check out the topic for a video of the project with more information on what modifications were done to make this work.

  • Project Builder: Adriweb and crew have been adding updates to this online IDE and emulator for CE project building, making it a far more useful tool for those writing C programs for their calculators. Check out the linked post for more information on the new functions their online tool now supports!

  • Escheron: Twilight over Ragnoth: Iambian posted up an update, showing off a bit of the cutscene editor and some of its function. He's also added/updated a to do list, so check out the topic for more information!

  • Don't Touch the Spikes CE: Unicorn has been working on his port of the Don't touch the spikes mobile game over to the CE, and has posted up some nice looking screenshots showing off progress. Check it out if you need a good time waster between your upcoming classes!

  • Zargul: JamesV has been working this past month to bring his FPS like game up to the CE, and the screenshots posted really show off what the 84 Plus CE is capable of! Check out the topic to see what all he's gotten completed and help encourage this project on to completion!

  • ICE Compiler: PT_'s project has seen some major updates over the last month, adding the ability to handle usermem and many other functions needed for programming. Check out the topic for a very detailed list of changes and screenshots showing off changes and bugs along the way. As a reminder, we recently posted a feature on ICE thanks to news editor Pimathbrainiac. It does a great job at summarizing what ICE is and what it's for.

  • eZ80 Linker: DrDnar is unhappy with the state of Zilog's linker, which is used in the TI-84 Plus CE C SDK from community members including Cemetech moderator and ASM rockstar MateoConLechuga. There are rumors that jacobly is working on an ez80 backend for the LLVM compiler, but even so, a new linker is sorely needed. DrDnar has been working hard to make that happen, and his thread contains his progress reports

We want to remind everyone that there's less than three weeks left to complete your Cemetech Contest #17: On Rails entries! This contest emphasizes getting help from your peers and keeping Cemetech abreast of your progress, so even if you haven't worked on your entry in a while, go post in your topic now what you plan to do to finish your entry in the next three weeks. If you haven't started an entry yet, there's still plenty of time to do so.

See you at the beginning of September with August's roundup!
tifreak8x wrote:
There are rumors that jacobly is working on an ez80 backend for the LLVM compiler

Rumors? Razz FYI (and for anyone interested in general), you can follow the progress on GitHub Smile
Also, have fun with his fancy IRC "llvm-bot" in action on #ez80-dev (EFNet)

Regarding the Project Builder, dev. is slow currently as I have a job now, but hopefully I'll have time to work a bit on my todo list soon enough...
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