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Would you like to see the original DOOM on the CE?
 93%  [ 60 ]
 6%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 64

Its been a long time since I've done anything with this. This topic reminded me about the project
And I'm going to try to work on it some more. Have you guys done any work on it recently?
Has the game been made? How does the port that was linked work?
He'll finish een he finishes. He'll release a beta when he feels like it. Same with DoorsCE, AoCE, FruitNinjaCE or whatever else there is. Just chill out and wait.

Though, this is quite old, and there hasn't been much progress, so... yeah. If it will ever be released, it'll happen sometime.Just wait.
I'm chill, but it has been two years since the start of all this.
What's with all these new users and necroposting?
Probably because school is still starting up in a lot of states and therefor lots of people are getting new calculators that they want to put programs on. This is obviously apparent when you look at statistics like calculator videos. Take a look at my channel view statistics for instance.

See that huge spike at the end? That's just from the day after schools started up. The my channel views have raised significantly during the last few months. I'm sure other calculator channels and forums are experiencing similar view spikes.

Back to the necroposting, when no one has finished a port of a popular game to the CE, they want to know why. So regardless of the projects last post date, they post anyways. I cant say I blame them, we don't really have any obvious rules about necroposting untill after they post and there aren't any safeguards against it.

To keep this post relatively on-topic, I'd love to see this project completed. Good luck.
how's the project doing?
Not very well.
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