Is there a way to take something written on calc for the 83+/84+ (8xp) to something for the 83 (83p)? I have some programs that I would like to make available for the TI-83 but my computer won't let me change 8xp to 83p. For example, say I have PROGRAM.8xp. If I delete the 8xp and change it to 83p it becomes this: PROGRAM.83p.8xp and its still an 83+ file. If not, is there a place where I can put the source code into and then export it as an 83P?
I would assume that SC3 can take the source and export it as a .83p file. However, the TI-83 is more limited programming-wise than the 83+/84+, so I would make sure that every command used is compatible with the 83 as well.
I have checked the commands in a compatibility table and they all check out. I will try SC3 as soon as I can. I don't know why I didn't think about earlier. Confused
Good luck, and let us know if there's anything in the way of tokens or commands that you're not sure about. One of the most important things to remember is to not use the lowercase letter tokens (although the lowercase variables in [VARS] -> 5:Stats are still fair game).
Is the large graph screen text function (-1 as first argument) available on the TI-83? Also, I thought I red somewhere that the TI-83 doesn't have an archive and so the Archive/UnArchive commands would not work. Is this correct?
Never mind, I found a compatibility page on TI-Basic Developer. However, SC3 only does 83+ family programs. :/ Ill try to figure out something else soon.
What I did in the past for the TI-83 port of Illusiat 6 was opening TI-Graph Link 83+ software, copying the code into a TI-Graph Link 83 program and it did the job. Unfortunately, TI-Graph Link doesn't work on 64-bit Windows computers, since it's a 16-bits application.

Another solution is to use a link cable to send the program from a TI-83+/84+/SE to a TI-83/82 Stats, then send it back to the PC.

I don't remember other alternatives. It probably depends of if jsTIfied, WabbitEmu and Virtual TI accepts 8xp files while in TI-83 mode.

In all three cases, you also have to do what Kerm said about lowercase letters, as well as removing Text(-1,Y,X,String) or real(X,Y,R,{i) commands.

EDIT: TokenIDE supports TI-73, 82, 83, 83+, 84+, SE and 85 files.
I made sure it's compatible. I have tried the original TI-Connect and TI-Graph link but the ONLY linking program that my computer (a Mac) will let me install is TI-Connect CE. So here is my proposed solution:
If anyone is feeling helpful and has a TI-83, can I send you the source code and can you put it on your calc and then back on your computer to make it an 83p? If you want, I can just post the code here but seeing as I am doing this for three YOU ARE AWESOME programs and a Clear/Reset program theres quite a bit.
EDIT: I managed to get the original TI-Connect software installed and saved the program as a TI-83 program. While it did not have the extension 83p showing, TI-Connect CE won't open it, which is a good sign. I guess only an upload to the archives will tell whether it worked or not. I won't be able to do this today, but maybe tomorrow.
On the TI-83, you cannot use:
  • lowercase
  • Asm tokens / libraries
  • New memory commands (archive/unarchive, lock/unlock, etc.)
  • Large text on graph screen
  • Fast circle routine, or any other 'undocumented' arguments in OS routines

I'm definitely forgetting some things here, will append later.

I have a TI-83, but my link cable is out of order at the moment.
I believe those all check out in my programs. Thank you! I will use this in the future for reference. I will tell you all how the programs go over tomorrow.

Tomorrow: I have put the program in the archives queue so until someone tries who knows if it will work.
So the current program in question is Clear/Reset 83/83+. If someone can try it out and see if it works then I can either fix it if it doesn't or upload YOU ARE AWESOME 83 to the archives if it does.
Oh well, I will just hope it worked. I will upload YOU ARE AWESOME 83 anyway and who knows if it works or not but whatever. Neutral
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