What arbitrary choice makes you better than your peers?
Team Valor
 36%  [ 13 ]
Team Instinct
 33%  [ 12 ]
Team Mystic
 30%  [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 36

Yep, the max level is indeed still 40. But today, thanks to the incredibly overpowered XP you get for friendship, I got past level 40x2 (that is, 40M, specifically 40,614,004 XP at the moment).
*bump* Made it to 40x3: 61,179,306. How's everyone doing with their Pokemanz?
I finally made it to level 25 today (got the final bit of XP by giving a gift to Kerm). I don't really play often because I live in a rural area, so I've only really been playing while on vacation.
I open the app occasionally. I still wish there was more strategy involved :/ I'm at a point where I kept getting walking rewards without catching Pokemon, so now I have too many items to spin stops or open gifts, and I hardly play anyways, so I don't want to dump items. Sometimes a community day will happen an hour before work, and I'll just catch a bunch of Pokemon to whittle down my pokeballs count.
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