Well, for one part of this program, I need to test which color a specific pixel is. Sadly, pxl-Test( only returns 1 or 0, not 10-24 like I wish it did. Is there a way to test the specific color of a point?
If the an area has the same color, then back where you printed that color out, store it to a variable and call it up later. That's the only way I know how to do it.
The colors are all part of a picture variable, so I never printed the specific colors.
Oh, I think picture variables act as a background and don't have an effect on Pxl-Test(. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Alright. Sadly, it seems like I won't have enough time to finish piTrain for the contest. This project will still be released, eventually.
That stinks. Sad I am impressed with the work you have done so far and look forward to seeing this in the future though. Good Idea
I haven't even been posting my progress! I've completed the trainer mode, which has a beautiful 7 segment display. All of the in-game documentation is complete. The challenge mode is in progress. The leaderboards have not yet been started. The main menu looks rather nice, but may need a bit of figuring out how the controls work.
I say you should just keep working on it and submit what you have! You never know if it could be placed well!

Also, screenshots? Razz
Oh no. I tried to use ICE and my RAM was cleared. The backup of piTrain on my computer is so much of an early version that I may as well consider all progress lost. Oh, well.

I'm not going to bother rebuilding piTrain, it's already taken up so much of my time.
I have now officially resigned my entry in the contest.

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