Welcome in 2089. 23 years ago humans discovered a new planet, 25 lightyears from the earth, and called it Cemetos. With a spaceship that goes almost as fast as light, it took not very long to reach it with a spaceship, including 3 men, 3 women, food for 3 years, and enough materials to build a new empire. Well, almost. Sad problem: it takes 10 years to send messages from Cemetos to the Earth, or vice verca. So, today in 2089, the Earth FINALLY received the first message from Cemetos, which has already more than 3000 inhabitants: We succesfully survived it all, new baby's are born, our community grows rapidly, we built already a city, named Kermos, and we are busy with a new one, with the name Jonbos Funny names XD. They also sent a picture of it, the first one taken with a camera:

Everyone happy. With the holographic news, everyone sees the image within 2 seconds. But....
A sweet boy from the Netherlands, called Peter Yes, that's my name... directly saw a BIG PROBLEM. You see the man at bottomright? WHERE IS HIS MOUTH? IS HE SICK? HAS HE A VIRUS? Within 3 seconds, a message is sent back to Cemetos, which will arrive years later. Both planets do know that only Earth can generate medicines for that virus, but what kind of medicines should it be? They can only know it by gathering information at Cemetos, which is harder than it looks like. Growing, building cities, no transport. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN WE SAVE CEMETOS????? The best way is to make it possible to research stuff at Cemetos. Therefore, we need a great network of trains and railroads, which isn't already overthere, but we can build it. After you have enough railroads and trains, while the cities are growing, inhabitants can gather information, and send them to Earth, and the Earth can generate medicines for that. Takes long, yes, but what else...?

This is my story for the CC17 game about trains. The main task is to build a big network of trains between cities Wink I can't give more information, hopefully I've screenshots soon Smile I will make this in ez80 ASM, and if that's too hard, just BASIC.
I dunno if I will actually start this project. I'm working 40h a week, which leaves me not much time for programming, and what I had in mind was pretty big. Also, I need to focus me on ICE, which is (I think) more important. If I gotta finish this, I will post it as soon as possible though.
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