Hey guys, this is a courtesy message that Cemetech and its services may be offline from 10:00pm Eastern on Saturday, May 21st 2016. The site may be inaccessible as our host services the hardware of our server. There is no ETA at the moment for when things will be back up; if everything goes properly, any downtime should be at most a few hours, and we anticipate being operational before a majority of you guys wake up.

Our #Cemetech IRC Channel on EfNet will be functional so come hang out with us there.
I also loiter in #cemetech on Freenode and Quakenet so if you'd rather join there that's cool too but there's only like 3 people in those network channels, I strongly recommend you join our Efnet channel.

Thanks for understanding!
*EFnet. You heathen.
allynfolksjr wrote:
You heathen.

Ladies and gentlemen, just a reminder that this is due to happen in about ten minutes. If everything goes correctly, you won't notice any difference, and everything will stay up properly. If it doesn't go correctly, we may have some downtime.

Edit: We did have downtime, from around 10:45pm to 11:00pm. One hard drive was replaced, and our RAID has successfully resynced. Thank you for your patience during the brief downtime.
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