Would you use Calcfix to fix your calc's issues if they were to arise?
 45%  [ 5 ]
 36%  [ 4 ]
 18%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 11

Calcfix was a small little basic program I developed when I always used to use BASIC programs, and it'd always screw up graphing, and other parts of my calc. Being how lazy I am, I decided to make a custom program so it runs functions to bring back my calc to life, in about 5 seconds, and that's it.

Features include:
-Really fast fixing
-Really not that huge
-It actually fixes things
-Specific programs to fix specific issues even faster so you earn back 3 seconds of your life
-Reduces frustrations in basic program enthusiasts by 97%
-Reduces the raising of a hand to call your math teacher to fix your calculator by resetting the RAM by 99%

Calcfix is on v1.3 (well, the beta is out), with two separate versions for monochrome/color calcs (text formatting), and is only on my GitHub (yea, I'll post it later to Cemetech/TIcalc archives once I feel it's in a really stable state). I decided from the early betas to move from calc specific versions, as it just wasted my time really...

There's still lots to do with Calcfix, as in
-Creating a better UI but being restricted to basic for now,
-Creating a monochrome edition (obviously...),
-MOAR code optimization (because every byte counts, especially on TI calcs

And that's my first BASIC program for the TI-84 Calcs. Hopefully this can help you save 3 seconds worth of frustration at some point in your life.

You can find the source code, downloads, and other fun stuff at the GitHub page:
(I am known for excessively abbreviating calculator as calc. I did it here on my program.)
What types of issues is this program supposed to fix?
Caleb_Hill wrote:
What types of issues is this program supposed to fix?

Will it basically reset the defaults? Will you be able to customize features?

Please, tell us more. You've got my interest.
Sounds interesting . I'm working on something similar , but frees up a hell of a lot of ram in less than 30 seconds. Probably gonna upload it sometime this week . Sounds cool to me looking forward to seeing how it comes out
Wow. So many people like this idea... Not to be mean, because I did this too when I made Reset v1.2.2, but you should check to make sure your project doesn't already exist. But I'd love to see the complete source code! Idea: Make it an app Smile
How does one convert a program to an app anyway? Or do you just have to re-write it?
Kydapoot wrote:
How does one convert a program to an app anyway? Or do you just have to re-write it?

Basic Builder can convert it
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