New versions can be downloaded here:

fx-CP400 with OS 2.01
fx-CG20 with OS 2.02
fx-9860GII with OS 2.09
Thanks for posting it here as well.
Wow, Casio has improved the process by which one downloads the emulator. I recall the forum being longer in the past (you were "required" to answer more questions).
Seems like they changed how they make it subscription service from the beginning including all the activation procedures and so on. Old emulator is still available for download. And can be installed separely as TeamFX suggested...

What is the cost of new subscription by the way? Also
I wonder if they will have a perpetual subscription option i.e. 1 off fee not limited to 1 or 3 years... Or a way to updated current version from 2.00 to 2.02 - I tried to do it myself by updating the relevant files from newer version but ending up with one of the files causing problems. I wish someone could solve this as then we could have an emulator capable of switching between different OS versions
the file which seems incompatible with old emulator is CasioROMInit.MEM in EmulatorData\INIT subfolder - all other files are accepted fine... even new dll including Chinese one.

If someone can explain how to mod CasioROMInit.MEM to make it acceptable we could have one emulator with multiple OS versions in one...

Thanks in advance
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