So for one of my school projects, we have to design an equalizer that will amplify the center frequency by 1 db, and it should be attenuated by at least 6 db at 1100Hz and at least 3 db at 10000Hz. I was a little unsure of where to start; I combined a bandpass, low-pass, and high-pass filter, but honestly I have no idea if I am on the right track. Any pointers or input would be much appreciated, thanks! Very Happy

Does it need to be an analog filter? Digital is more fun, though less trivial to build for real (do you need to build it for real?). Are there any limits on distortion?
Yeah, it is basically an combination of op-amp filters. There's no other limit than the description in the first post. Experimental build is for extra credit; but simulation results are required.
I was under the impression that with op-amp filters, one of the free parameters you could adjust was gain, so you might only need a bandpass filter.
Yeah; now that I think about it, a bandpass filter to produce the gain coupled with a low pass filter to attenuate at 1100Hz would probably work just fine. Smile
You should only need a bandpass filter, figure out which side is tighter (High side or low side), and design for that. I've played with this software, and it's pretty nice.
I ended up just doing a simple implementation to make it easier on my head for now. I realize it would have been a lot easier to design a single bandpass filter, but meh. The LM348N was used as the opamp of choice, mainly because it is basically just a quad LM741, so I only needed one chip. The last opamp can be used as a gain variable in order to adjust the amount of gain; currently it is only 1dB. Moving to a higher resistor value for the 7800 ohm results in more gain.

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