I"m trying to get ArTICL up and working with an Arduino Uno and a TI-84Plus. I took a look at SIMPLEIO.8xp, and it seems that I need to install Doors on the TI as well? Is that the case?

Not that I am aware. Doors does provide communication via the IO port, but ArTICL uses TI's own file format to transfer and read, so it is not necessary. I believe looking into the GetCBL and other examples should provide some background Smile
Mateo is correct, DoorsCS is not required for ArTICL, as it uses the TI link protocol, not DoorsCS's CalcNet2.2
Thanks. I'm still working on it, but I'm making progress.
ArTICL does not require Doors C[S][E], as these kind people have said. The SimpleIO demo uses the Doors CSE graphics routines to draw the LEDs, switch, motor, etc on the calculator's LCD, so it does require Doors CSE. However, you can easily strip the graphics routines out and just use the getKey loop, the Send()s, and the Receive()s without any of the graphics.
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