PLATFORM is a game for the TI-84 Plus CE. (download here)
"e" will have to navigate a series of passages to reach the square that will send him to the next area.
Some specifics:
Arrow keys to move.
Press up to start a jump, then press a direction to jump in, or press down to cancel.

Levels can be made in the matrix editor (or in the Scratch level editor).
A Scratch version that is based on the level editor is coming soon.

Levels are currently 8x16, for compatibility with TI-83/84 calculators.
You'll have to delete some relatively unimportant lines in your copy of the program in order to make it fully compatible.

0: Nothing
1: Ground
2: Cloudish thing. Does nothing.
3: Spikes. Damages those directly 1 tile above it and sends them back to the start.
4: Platform. Jump onto from below.
5: Spring. The player jumps 3 blocks into the air.
6: Grass. Running through this increases your health.
7: Win post. If you touch this, you win.
8: Starting point. Only one should exist at a time!
9: Key. Triggers the next two tiles.
10: Blocked tile. Touchable until triggered. Becomes untouchable.
11: Unblocked tile. Untouchable until triggered. Becomes touchable.
12: Teleport 1. Teleports to Teleport 2. Doesn't wait for the player to leave.
13: Teleport 2. Teleports to Teleport 1. Doesn't wait for the player to leave.
14: Checkpoint. Sets a new spawn point at its location.

Those are all the tiles that exist right now. I might add more in the future.
(not related to a certain game on

Edit: Added link to program.
Can I make an on-calc level Editor to go with this? (Like a program?)
TimmyTurner62 wrote:
Can I make an on-calc level Editor to go with this? (Like a program?)

Sure. Refer to the Scratch project, though.
Yeah I’m sorry I literally left scratch quite a long time ago, so I never saw your comment about your editor you were making. Sad

But, if you are still working on this, I can make a PLATFORM editor test, programmed in ICE.
I feel bad because I didn’t keep up to my word and I never made any real progress on the editor I was making. I remember running into saving and cursor problems when I tried making the editor the first time. But since I have experience, I could do it.

But I think I’m too late... but at least I found your cemetech account again, and this post obviously Very Happy
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