I'm glad to see you fixed the board orientation! Before it was killing me that the queens were on the wrong side, essentially making black play as white and vice versa (but you still have the play as (black/white) first option so it never was really a big deal. Fantastic job on the game overall! 10/10
I discovered an issue. I was playing and I got through a lot of turns (64 to be exact). It was my turn, so I selected to move my queen. At some point after that, the game froze and nothing moved. No keys worked, so I pushed RESET. It was still my turn. I cannot provide screenshots because TI Connect CE did not recognize my calculator during the freeze. Sorry I do not have more information. Other than that, different AI difficulties, and the lack of choosing sprites, the game is perfect.
Hello. I understand that this is a relatively old project and may not be considered anymore, but I've encountered a text overlap glitch upon player vs. computer checkmate.

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