This is a Lua program demonstrating smooth voxel terrain on the TI-Nspire. This is not a joke, this is actually 3D smooth terrain on TI-Nspire. You can modify the terrain, but only inside the zone marked by white lines.
Here is a screenshot:

Lua3D Smooth Terrain Demonstration
This is very impressive work, Tag365! What inspired you to create this project? Did you encounter any interesting engineering challenges solving (for example) ray-casting to figure out which vertex the user is clicking?
I wanted to create this project ever since I rediscovered that TI-Nspire allows the use of Lua scripts.
I have actually ported my Lua3D library multiple times, and it eventually ended up on the TI-Nspire Lua platform.

The Lua3D library originally was made on Touch Lua (in May 2015), then I copied the scripts over to my computer to make it work on the ComputerCraft mod for Minecraft 1.7.10. Next, I ported that version of the library to work with the LÖVE Lua framework, where I first created the smooth terrain prototype. I copied that over to the TI-Nspire script editor and implemented a usable replacement for the require function, and then ported the drawing functions in the renderer to use the gc renderer object's methods instead of the functions included in the Love framework to draw to the screen.
Oh wow, that's quite the progression; thanks for explaining! I see that Touch Lua is a Lua framework for iOS devices, so do you also do iOS development? Feel free to share any other projects you've created for iOS, in Lua or otherwise, in the Your Projects subforum. So you had already solved the bulk of the engineering problems for those other platforms, then? Do you plan to expand this into a game of any sort?
I had already solved most of the engineering problems on the Touch Lua version of the Lua3D library before I first ported it to the ComputerCraft mod. Most of the code used to render on the screen is still intact in the other versions of the library (with some slight modifications of course). I also even ported the smooth terrain to the Touch Lua app.
I updated it to make it render at least slightly faster. Try it again, see if it works faster on a TI-Nspire calculator.
Tag365 wrote:
I updated it to make it render at least slightly faster. Try it again, see if it works faster on a TI-Nspire calculator.
Accepted into the Archives. What approaches did you use to make it run faster?
I made some functions it used local and changed the color class to use the setmetatable function for multiplication. I also fixed the code that renders the lines for polygons so it works correctly on the TI-Nspire. It may not improve the speed much and I don't know how much faster it is, but it should be faster than before.
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