Is there a way to graph a conic graph on the same screen as a function?

I have a Casio Prizm and a TI-84, so if you know a way for either one, it will be great for me!

The Casio has a conics mode, and the TI has a conics app. Both work great if you just want to look at one circle. But if you graph a circle in while in the conics mode/app, it will disappear when you go to the main graph to draw a line. I want to have both in the same graph, so I can find intersections and etc.

Also, I know you can get conics in the form needed for the main graph, but it takes time to convert the formula, and you have to enter the converted formula twice for the positive and negative square roots. On a timed math test, that seems like a waste of time if you could just graph them both together.

Also, if all I need is another app/program, I am allowed to use calculator programs for this particular test, so that would also be a good solution for me! Thanks!
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