Hello all, I present: the Amnesiac Engine.
I have been working on this for well over a year now.
Currently doing some code rewriting to make the engine run faster.

Amnesiac -- Legend is a game made with my engine, made by myself.
The game is somewhat nearing completion, however I still need to improve upon the story element.


You awake upon an island suspended inside nothingness, not knowing who you are nor why you're here.
All you have is a feeling of loss, and a powerful urge to discover what you have forgotten...

The Amnesiac engine currently can:
+ Work with up to 2048x2048 tiles, and a maximum of roughly 62K of tiles.
+ 256 tile sprites
+ Modify the world based on various triggers. (switches)
+ Up to 16384 boolean "event" flags, which can be modified to 1, 0, or flipped, by switches
+ Display text signs, and image signs.

I will be posting eye candy somewhat soon.
Sounds good. What is it written in (I assume ASM)?
epsilon5 wrote:
Sounds good. What is it written in (I assume ASM)?

The current build is written in ICE. I'm not sure whether I'm going to rewrite in Asm, or C.
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