Back in 2009, well-known DIY electronics retailer Sparkfun announced an amazing event: Sparkfun Free Day, during which 1000 people could get $100 of free stuff. I managed to be one of the lucky few, so in 2011 and 2012, I was happy to try (unsuccessfully) to participate in Free Day again. For three years, it seemed like Sparkfun had gotten too big and corporate to hold any Free Days any more, but today, I got an email that indicates they'll be having an (Almost) "Free" Day.

This year, you'll be able to get one of 3,000 random boards on July 20th. They'll charge $0.01 for the board, but if that's all you're getting, you'll also have to pay shipping. Because you can't pick which of the 10 possibilities you get, in fact, you might be paying something like $10 for a board or a spool of conductive thread that's really only worth $3 or $4, so I'm not convinced this is actually too exciting after all. I guess things are never as good as they were the first time.

Sparkfun "Free" Day 2016
OpenLog is something I would love to add to prizm at some point using 3-pin cable connection - any idea how much is shipping to the United Kingdom?
It looks like shipping to me will be about $5, and it seems like international economy shipping is $3.45, from trying to put a random London address into their checkout system.
Thanks, Kerm, for the original post and your reply regarding postage
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