I downloaded FctPoly2 to make some of my math homework slightly faster than usual and as a way to check my factoring. When I downloaded this program, I came across a slightly confusing menu. I found a single post on eHow ( http://www.ehow.com/how_5690141_factor-polynomials-ti_83-plus.html#comment-2102767015 ) about using this calculator program, but couldn't find any other resources. So I was wondering how I would use this program to factor a polynomial such as "2x^5 + x^4 - 16x^3-15x^2" (the example polynomial on the ticalc download page http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/202/20283.html) or a polynomial with only two terms, such as "x^2-36".
I definitely understand why you think this is confusing.
I messed up the first time I tried it out Smile

First Example: 2x^5 + x^4 - 16x^3-15x^2
1)The degree is 5 because the highest exponent is 5.
2)Coef. of X^5 is 2, because 2 comes before X^5
3)Coef. of X^4 is 1, because there is no coefficient, so there is only one X^4.
4)Coef. of X^3 is -16, because the number before X^3 is subtracting 16, which is the same as adding negative 16
5)Coef. of X^2 is -15 for the same reason as above.
6)Coef. of X and Coef. of const are both 0 because they do not appear in the expression.
7) Hit enter.

For the second example, the degree is 2, coef of X^2 is 1, coef of X is 0 and Const. is -36.

It might also be important to note that this is programmed for monochrome calcs, so it'll display weirdly on color.
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