i am building a game on my casio prizm but there is a problem

i have a for loop and i want to call a subroutine in a goto and then directly turn back to where i called the lbl.
like this↓

if N=0
For -1->C To 0
Goto T
For 1→A to 7
For 1→B to 21
just random code in here
Lbl T
For 1->B To 21
Locate 1,B,"0"

but after the program goes to the lbl T it doesnt go back to where it was called is there a more effiecent way to turn back then only to goto back?
I think for starters, it would be good to know what it is you are trying to accomplish in a game sense there. Is Lbl T something that will be called often? Will it be called from a lot of different places inside the code, or is it something that will just happen a few times? There is no way to go back to where you called a Goto from, without setting up additional lbls and gotos and storing a value to a variable or list to check after Lbl T has been executed to know which Goto to use to return to your previous place.

I have pushed myself away from using Lbl and Goto, and use While loops to roll through my programs and conditionals as my lbl/gotos. It's complicated, but works well and is quite fast.
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