Projects for February 2016
Spaze Invaders
 66%  [ 10 ]
 20%  [ 3 ]
PONG 2.5
 13%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 15

Hello again, Cemetechians! It's time for our monthly update, one that I hope at least 3 of you are looking forward to! Before we go on with the list, I'd like to say, that this past month has proven to be quite fruitful when it comes to awesome calculator and other DIY projects! And as some may remember from last month, we started up polls for completed projects for people to vote in to see who was the project of that month (and who will be entered for the PotY). Last month's winner was the C SDK tool chain for the CE by MateoConLechuga! This month, we only had one completed project (that I was able to find), and that would be Spaze Invaders by the ever busy JamesV! He wins by default! \o/

It seems one project was missed being labeled as completed, so please, place a vote in the poll, and as per last month, this poll will run for the next 7 days to determine the winner!

And now, on to the meat and reason why you're here, reading this article:

  • DocEdit: PT_ has posted up that primary focus of this project is being shifted to the CE calculator, now that he is in ownership of one. He's also posted up a screenshot from where he's started to use C to develop it. Check out the thread for more information!

  • NTunnel: NTunnel is a tunnel game for the Nspire, written in Lua. You pilot a square (going with Borg Cube, here) through a tunnel (perhaps the confines of a transwarp corridor?! No, none of that is official to the version :p) It even comes with custom error catching. Check out the thread if you are in need of another Nspire game!

  • Thunderbirds: JamesV has revived discussions on Thunderbirds, a platform RPG that was originally made (by James) on the 83 for Ion. The project itself is now being brought up to work on the + series, along with eventually making it to the CE calculators. Check out the posts showing off screenshots and progress of this project!

  • CircleIT: KingInfinity's first assembly project, CircleIT is a game where you stop a circle from reaching the core of another circle by stopping it towards the outside of the circle. Sound confusing? Then check out the topic for a screenshot that helps explain things a lot more clearly!

  • Escheron: Twilight over Ragnoth: Iambian has been doing some updates to this project, adding in the foundations for what looks to be an amazing battle system. Check out the screenshot in the link!

  • 1010!: This is a tetris like game, based off an iphone game, being written in C for the 84+CE. He has released a version of the game, and is asking for users to post up about any bugs they may happen to find while playing. Check out the thread for the download, screenshots and more!

  • Spaze Invaders CE: JamesV has ported up his CSE project Spaze Invaders CSE to the CE! Check out the topic for some more techincal information on what JamesV did for this project, along with some impressive looking screenshots!

  • HoustonTracker 2: Utz has come back and released a newer version of his sound editing program, adding in a number of new and more powerful features! The topic contains more information and links to the files.

  • LDraw model viewer/renderer: Elfprince13 has been hard at work on this project, clearing up bugs and posting up lots of code and screenshots for us to enjoy!

  • Robot War 2: Dianzi tian has continued awesome progress for his project, offering up a view of new items and events. There is even talk of translating the project over to other languages, and a demo title screen in French was posted. The topic offers up a lot more in the way of information for what's been happening for this project.

  • Alien Breed V Episode III: JamesV has been working on getting this project set up to play (in color) on the CE, and has found a good balance between sprite size and speed of scrolling, to match up with the 83+/84+ version of this game. Check out the topic to see the stunning screenshots and join in the #hype as we await the release!

  • CMonster: Patrickdavidson has released an update for the CSE and CE versions of this break-out like game, adding up to 36 levels to play through, and adding in some larger block types. Check the topic for more information regarding the changes!

  • FloodIt: FloodIt is a project by Unicorn for the CE, based off a webapp game by the same name. The objective of the game (apparently) is to turn adjacent blocks from the top corner the same color as other blocks to make them all the same, and slowly flood the board into a solid color. Check out the screenshots and the link in the topic to play this game on your pc!

  • Sorcery of Uvutu: 123outerme has restarted this project after a month long hiatus. He has been working on the code driving his game, and offered up a newer screenshot showing off some of the features of the game. Check out the topic to see for yourself all the awesomeness!

  • ProgramViewer: PT_ has taken up a new project, one that lets a user view the contents of a program. It's being written in ez80 assembly, and so far displays the contents of a program, and has indentation! Jump over to the topic, check out the screenshots, and give PT_ feedback on his cool little project!

  • FloodIT: This is a port by a previously mentioned game by the same name, but completely in CE BASIC by Michael2_3B. The core of the game is down, and it looks really good! (Reference in topic screenshots) Michael is currently working towards speeding up converting of block colors, so if you think you can help him out, let him know in the topic!

  • Game of Life CE: Merth is BACK baby! Yeah! He brings is vast knowledge of C to the CE, and has ported over his GoL program from the Prizm over to the newest of color calculators. Take a look at the thread for a great looking screenshot, and more information regarding the future of the project!

  • Doors CE 9: KermMartian has posted up an updated list of things that need doing for DCE9, as he juggles it amongst other things in his very busy life. If you're interested in knowing the current status, click the link!

  • SourceCoder 3: So, you've been living under a rock, you say? Well, you've missed out on a massive upgrade to SourceCoder 3. It handles asm for the 81/82/83/83+/84+/CSE/CE, and C for the ez80 calculators. There's a list of other things that was done to this awesome online tool, so give the topic a look up and read all about it yourself!

  • ConvPNG: MateoConLechuga has posted an update fixing a few issues with palette conversion and output things. Check out the topic for the most up to date download.

  • CEmu: MateoConLechuga has been hard at work, pushing up new versions of his emulator based on bug reports and feature requests! If you've been using CEmu, you should make sure your version is the most up to date to take advantage of the changes!

  • C SDK and Libraries: Another of MateoConLachuga's projects, he's been updating and adding things to the libraries and other parts of this project. There are several pages of text, so check it out to get all the gritty little details! Very Happy

  • PONG 2.5: Having finally gotten a real TI-84 Plus CE that wasn't a scam, PT_ set to work exploring C programming on the new calculator, and created a Pong game. He started with a simple four-paddle game, with one paddle on each edge of the calculator's screen, and gradually expanded it with more features and more colors. Congratulations to PT_ on one of the first completed C games for the TI-84 Plus CE! The download link is in his topic.

  • CHIP-8 Emulator: Ivoah started working on a CHIP-8 emulator in C++ over a year ago, but got stuck on a bug that he hadn't been able to solve. This past week, he pulled the code up again, solved the bugs, and even ported it to the Gameboy Advance. He is now considering porting it to C for the TI-Nspire and other platforms.

  • TI-84 Plus CE External Power Adapter: Frustrated that he couldn't power his calculator off USB for programming with the Li-Poly battery removed, jonbush (our Contest leader) has been experimenting with alternative ways of powering the calculator from an external supply. He discovered the calculators' power requirements performing various tasks, documented in his topic, and is planning to 3D-print a new battery cover with a space for a charging port.

  • Personal Cell Phone System (PPHS): A Greek member of Cemetech, Tom, has embarked on a rather ambitious personal long-rather cell phone network. Having obtained permission to use high-power transmitters in the VHF bands in Athens, he has a base station, repeaters scattered throughout his city, and an analog handset that he can use for communication. If you have experience with analog RF systems, please stop by his topic and throw him your advice on transceivers and antennae.

  • TI-84 Plus MIDI Device: JacobHarris has been working on a way to use his TI-84 Plus Silver Edition as a MIDI keyboard and drum pad. He's using ArTICL with an Arduino and TI-BASIC to generate the MIDI signals; his topic has a video of the system in action. Although it works, he wants to be able to hit multiple keys to generate multiple sounds at once, so he'd like to learn z80 assembly as well as the way to send and receive bytes/packets in ASM.

  • LEGO Mosaic Shader Routines: Never completely losing sight of his goals with the Freebuild project in his busy schedule as a PhD student, elfprince13 has created a spiffy new main menu for the block-themed game. This new dynamic background renders classic plasma shader patterns as arrays of LEGO-like bricks. His topic explains how it works, provides code, and has a few suggestions for future refinements.

  • DoorLock: Following in the grand tradition of Cemetech's calculator programmers branching out into EE (and as an EE student), MateoConLechuga has cobbled together a Bluetooth receiver, Arduino Uno, and servo into a mechanism to unlock his door. He gives a nod to SMSDoor, an SMS/AIM (yes, it's that old)/email-enabled system that KermMartian and his college colleague C0dez3r0 created nine years ago in 2007. Mateo's system uses two-step authentication for extra security, requiring both that the Bluetooth module be paired with a phone, and that the App on the phone be authorized to communicate with DoorLock. Take a look at further details in the topic!

That rounds out the list for this month! As always, we look forward to what our fellow members think to program on their calculator next! See you next time!
Awesome, and thanks for the mention! There are actually some projects here that I somehow missed so it'll be cool to check them out Wink

I'm still wanting to speed up the recoloring on FloodIt, but I have started working on the UI, which will hopefully look good. It should be quite a bit easier to make than the actual game Smile
This month, we only had one completed project

1010! is finished.
Very interesting to see all these projects! Thanks for reminding me to finish DocEdit! Smile
As always a great post, thanks for putting this together tifreak8x! It seems there are always at least one or two projects that i've missed.
Nice work tifreak! It's always great being able to look at projects that I might have missed.
I am glad you guys continue to find these monthly posts useful Smile Helps keep me motivated to work on these. ^_^ Keep up the fantastic work on all these projects!
Definitely thanks for putting these together every month, tifreak8x. Smile Although I know they're very time-consuming, even I see projects that I overlooked. It's also nice to see the sheer diversity and number of projects that our members have been working on over the past month.
Thanks for the mention tifreak! Looks as fantastic as always, it is rather surprising to see just how many things are a-happening right now Smile
Great article as usual tifreak! Thanks for the mentions. A lot of people have certainly been busy!
Great and expansive article! (And not just because Sorcery of Uvutu is in there, by the way)
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