Just thought some of you might like to see what it looks like with a non 84 screen replaced onto an 84 consists of. The screen was taken from a later gen 83+, The screens from the 83+ SE work the best but they're not so easy to come across. And another thing is that this motherboard has a slightly different pinout then what most 84's have.

Impressive work! I've always dismissed that connection as too fine to be worth my time to fix (although I did repair a TI-Nspire LCD with similar pitch). What do you mean about the pinout? It looks like all of your connections are straight across. What kind of equipment do you use?
If you look in at the very center pins you'll notice that there is no gap. It looks the same because i had to bend the wires that were going from the screen to the motherboard in the center. I was just using some mg chemicals no clean flux, A radio shack soldering iron. fine gauge wire and 60/38/2 silver bearing solder.
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