I've just released version 92 (the first release version) of a new breakout-like assembly game for the TI-84 Plus C. This game only has one level for now but it is (sort of) in color and (sort of) works. Download from http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~pad/files/cmonster-ti8c.zip
I have now updated this game to version 152. This version now has 9 levels. It also gives you 9 lives, adds scoring, and fixes flickering of the paddle.
I look forward to trying this Pat! I just ordered my TI-84+C last night, so hopefully I see it in the next week or so! Smile
If it take a whole week to get the calculator, perhaps I will have time to remove the bugs. Just kidding, of course -- there are no bugs now! Very Happy

I just updated the game to version 195. This version now allows speed selection, with higher scores at higher speeds. It also makes the ball larger and adjusts the bouncing a little, and also adds a pause button. Note that you are intentionally prevented from cheating by pausing too often.

Here is a screenshot:

Great job, PatrickD, on creating and releasing the first full (community-created) ASM game for the new calculator! I'm dying for some screenshots, though.

Edit: You can use jsTIfied to take screenshots of your game, if you so desire. Smile TILP and BrandonW have ROM-dumping tools, I believe.
Until I finish copying the ROM, here is a video screenshot -- beware it is a huge file, about 16 megs!


Also note this is on the fast speed -- you can play it slower if you want. Although even at that speed, it still spends a lot of time in the delay loop!
I love it! Nice work on the video, looks like a hard game at that speed Wink
After all these years, you still impress me everytime Mr Davidson Smile
For *nix users, a sh build script relying on spasm and tipack

DATETIME=`date +'%Y-%m-%d_%H:%M:%S'`
mkdir -p "old/$DATETIME"
cp *.asm "old/$DATETIME"
cp *.i "old/$DATETIME"

spasm -N -T -A cmonster.asm
tipack -n "CMONSTER" cmonster.bin -p -o cmonster.8xp
rm cmonster-ti8c.zip
7za a -bd -tzip cmonster-ti8c.zip *.asm *.bat *.sh *.txt *.i *.gst

The only thing spasm doesn't like is

       .db   '00001'

which yields

cmonster.asm:458: error SE103: Expecting an operator, found '0' instead

spasm produces a .bin file nevertheless.

The ' should be replaced with ", as pointed out by AHelper0 on IRC.
Thanks for pointing that out. I just uploaded a version 196 which fixes this .. along with the worse problem of not including the executable!
patrickdavidson wrote:
Thanks for pointing that out. I just uploaded a version 196 which fixes this .. along with the worse problem of not including the executable!
Awesome. Very Happy May I ask how long you were working on this before you released it?
Since I first got the TI-84 Plus C, of course Smile Which was May 7th.
I spent the morning playing this, didn't lose my first life until level 5! Which probably sucks, but anyways..

I've noticed a tiny glitch. If the ball falls below the paddle, but you are moving towards it and connect as it does so, you will drag it along for 3-5 pixels before it launches upwards again. This also cause the text where the ball happens to be to disappear until the screen is refreshed.

Will there be power ups in future versions? Extra lives would be handy, as I died completely at level 8.

When it exits, it doesn't really give time to say "Oops, you've lost all your lives. Play again?" And it leaves a black border around the homescreen. Not sure if there is anything you can do about that part, though.
Yes, there will be power-ups in the future. And the future is now! I just released version 269 which supplies 4 types of power-ups, including the famous (or infamous?) multi-ball. This version also now allows you to save the game. Along with this I reduced the initial number of lives to 5 -- with all the bonuses it would be too easy otherwise!
Oh, btw, here is an actual screenshot from the offical emulator (tried to get as close as the photo, but I also had a bonus scrolling, there Razz)

(JPG artifacts...)
I now updated it to version 309. This adds proper clipping on the bottom, fixes the power up collision detect (previously you could collect it even if you were a ways away!), and also adds a new level. Yet it still miraculously manages to shrink in size by 22% nonetheless.
This is very impressive work, Patrick; keep it up. By "official emulator" do you mean the SmartView tool? Or jsTIfied?
By "official emulator" I meant the 84C Smartview, yes. (Also, why is the SDK not out yet ? Surprised)

(I posted that here, btw : http://tiplanet.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=140497#p140497 but here's the debug options of the smartview ^^)

Edit : KermM, jsTIfied is much better, though, for running this game (and probably in ASM in general). Keyboard actually works as intended and not stuck somewhere like on SmartView, where interrupts (?) aren't caught properly.
When I was playing this on my CE, I noticed a bug: I can't pause. I am pressing the 8 key, and it is just not pausing.
caleb1997 wrote:
When I was playing this on my CE, I noticed a bug: I can't pause. I am pressing the 8 key, and it is just not pausing.

I concur. This has been a bug that is bothering me, I just forgot to post it.
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