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 50%  [ 8 ]
 6%  [ 1 ]
 12%  [ 2 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
 31%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 16

Now that I'm a moderator of the TI-BASIC subforum, I need to prove myself that I'm worth it...

Nevermind, just kidding Wink. I only had the idea to create a competition for the TI-BASIC language.
I don't have any details so far, but what do you think of it? Do people desire it?

Participants that I know of:
- Me
- Raylin
- lirtosiast
- elfprince
- Mateo
- mr womp womp
- Hooloovoo
- andressevilla
- Michael2_3B
- CVSoft
- caleb1997
- Pieman7373
- ACagliano
- Vital7788
- Ivoah?
Some TI-Planet members:
- Persalteas
- grosged
- STV (StarTrekVoyager)
- Wistaro?
- NYX?
You can bet your bottom dollar I'm in.
Yes (especially pure BASIC, without any libraries).
elfprince13 wrote:
Yes (especially pure BASIC, without any libraries).

I like the no libraries idea.
I'll compete if I have time.

Maybe an algorithm implementation/ speed optimization challenge rather than a game, since TI-BASIC's game capabilities are limited?
I definitely approve of a data-structures and algorithms challenge, though I hate to see BASIC's honor besmirched with regards to games.
What I prefer are that *small* code snippets, such as the keith number challenge. Oh and with speed, I guess you're coming in the space of how fast a BASIC command can be executed etc. I think that with some large algorithms, people don't like to enter the contest, because it takes too much time to create one.
Whatever it would be, I will participate Very Happy
Golfing for its own sake is much less interesting to me than speed optimization, and leads to poor coding style (and poor algorithmic choices). But I agree that the scope should be limited to encourage people to enter.
Hehe, this sounds like fun Smile I would indeed like to see if I can still basically basic. Good luck everyone!
If the contests aren't very long I'd be happy to give them a shot (I agree, long contests discourage me and I end up not participating, like the TI-Concours) Although I doubt I could win any, I still like to try Razz Also I think some contests should allow libs, because I get that most of the routines like the keith number checker will never have an actual use other than the contest however, non-contest coding does allow libs and I think it should be at people's disposal so that people can learn to use them (even the more obscure functions) and possibly use some libs in their own projects because after all, there are two parts to the site's motto Wink
The vast majority of all contests we have hosted allow library usage. I think adding this additional constraint every once in a while would be a welcome change, and an opportunity for people to flex their coding muscles in new and creative ways.
I agree with Elfprince. It's a welcome change and less to transfer.
Quick question, since I've been out of it for so long, is TI still nuking performance on newer OSes or is that even relevant anymore?
@Raylin What do you mean by "nuking performance"? If MATHPRINT, that only affects display commands.
I remember before the advent of 2.53MP, there were complaints about performances re: games. Although I might be remembering wrong...
I think that sounds like a cool idea. I remember somewhere (Tiplanet I think) had a contest to calculate palindromic primes as fast as possible, and it was cool seeing what people came up with, and it was very algorithmic.
I'm not an expert at this at all, but it could be fun! Smile
I'm in, if it's just pure ti-basic Smile
I'm in if it doesn't require the use of string variables.
What about, for the first challenge, sorting a list of length 256 without builtins?
Assuming you mean "without SortA/SortD" I'm in favor Smile Are we to assume real-value list entries? And what are grading criteria - average time to sort m lists of n entries, with perhaps size as a tie breaker?
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