CE Algorithms Package
This library aims to provide reusable and efficient data-structures and algorithms for C programmers on the TI-84+CE platform. To make life easier, these libraries also compile on PC platforms to make it easier to prototype your program on a platform with more advanced debugging tools.

This library is licensed under the terms of the LGPL v3 (or newer), with an added no-endorsement clause.

What's inside?
Currently provides implementations of singly-linked lists and red-black trees. A generic merge-sort implementation is provided for the linked-lists, and helper functions to use red-black trees as the backing structure for both ordered sets and ordered maps are provided.

Additionally, a SafeMalloc implementation is provided, in util.h which will display an error message and terminate that program if insufficient memory is available for a requested allocation. This is great for prototyping programs. We also package the standard cleanUp() routine from the CE Toolchain Examples.

Finally, debugConfig.h provides a dPrintf macro that disables debug printing in release builds, and cooperates with CEmu's debug console on 84+CE debug builds, as well as SZF and PDF string macros for portable formatting of size_t and ptrdiff_t variables.
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