I have a really old PDA called the Sharp Wizard, something similar to the lower image here:

It used to work, and when it did, it had some cool programs on it, most importantly a dungeon game in which you could move around from room to room, fight monsters and gain levels and money. I expect it was programmed in some version of BASIC, maybe...

Then I left it in a van in the driveway for a winter and it's screen was misbehaving, and then a few years later it stopped working entirely...

Somewhere in that hardware, there should be something relatively similar to the code for that game, somehow... Is it at all possible to retreive this in any way shape or form?
I assume you've tried all the obvious steps, like changing batteries, hooking it up to a computer using whatever linking or communication software/hardware it used to see if it responds, and so on?
To be more technically challenging, you could likely take the flash chip from it and devise a way to power on and read the chip, perhaps from a rPi or something? But I have no idea if that'd be possible or even what would be involved to succeed.
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