tl;dr: This is a book I'm writing.

Formerly known as 'Phantom Sanctuary', I have been working on the world-building aspect and I think I've created a decent amount of content through commissions and other methods.

For prettiness, I have an imgur album of characters, located here.

General Synopsis

The worldwide introduction of mana has reduced everything manmade to white sand. While something critical was lost, something new was gained: those sensitive enough became magicians. With new powers now thrust upon, the magicians came together to rebuild civilization. In one year, they were finished rebuilding and society began to work on its infrastructure. However, the rebuild was not without tensions and violent outbreaks began between those with magic and those without. In a strange intervention of fate, an alloy was found that refused to be influenced by magic. This was quickly collected and forged into crude weapons. Thus, another world war began...

It's been six years now. An alloy collector for the reigning government has found a strange group of refugees who have hidden themselves in between space and time but are not magicians. Now, their destinies are entwined and with them, the outcome of the war.

A lot of things are subject to change but tell me what you think. I'll probably start writing very soon. And for those keeping count, this is revision 61.
I'm glad to hear that you're writing again, because from the many pages of the original Phantom Sanctuary that I read, you have quite the talent for it. Why did you decide to abandon the original plot and characters, though? Was it external criticism, or your own dissatisfaction with the way it was evolving and/or boredom with the characters and universe?
It was the characters, mostly.

The main character was an author avatar (meaning I put myself into the story) and when I tried to rip out the similarities, the protagonist was dull and unimpressive. A lot of the supporting characters couldn't stand on their own, sans one. But, she was going to be the main love interest so, I axed everyone and revised it.

The universe is more-or-less the same. It's just matured a bit.
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