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So my daily work primarily focuses on VHDL FPGA development. To this end I use ghdl and vunit for my programming and testing. One of the most annoying parts is the reliance on gtkwave for viewing of digital waveforms. I hate this waveform viewer so much -- it is a pain to use, unintuitive, and worse than the final season of game of thrones. It is the only viewer that currently supports the GHDL GHW format though, so I am planning on making my own -- hopefully one that I can eventually use without tearing my hair out.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had experience using gtkwave or other digital waveform viewers, and what you might like to see in this one. Maybe this whole time I've just been using gtkwave wrong -- but personally I just can't stand it.

Some things I would really like to see:

  • Interpretation of bus signals such as AXI,ACE,Avalon,Wishbone, etc
  • Easy grouping and adding/removing of signals
  • Waveform comparison and value dumping
I don't really have any experience with gtkwave so don't really know how it might compare, but I understand glscopeclient is pretty good. It supports loading VCD files as can be emitted from most simulators, but I imagine extending it with GHW support might not be too hard (though I see ghdl can also emit VCDs). I'm not sure how deep the protocol decode support is, but that also seems like it shouldn't be difficult to extend.
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