Imagine a normal day at school and you were writing a TI-BASIC program. Someone asks you if you would like to try out their newest program they made. You accept, and they send the program to your calculator. You forget your program is in RAM and run their program. It says loading, so you wait a few minutes. It loads but then you discover the ON button isn't responding. The screen appears to glitch with random lines and squares, tokens and characters, the contrast level going haywire, and screen shifiting. After five long minutes of glitchy chaos, you find out that random calculator settings have been changed, the time and date set weirdly, random programs, appvars, and groups missing. You set all the settings to the way they were, and you are relieved your program you've been working on is still there. You go to edit it, and find out random bytes have been replaced with random crap or simply deleted.

Any other ideas or edits to this wonderful program? >Smile
That is basically what I make every other time I compile my C code. Laughing
You can probably get some inspiration here.
That doesn't sound like April fools, that just sounds like torture! I would be so sad for so long if any of my programs were "attacked" like that. Perhaps go for something a little less... evil? Such as just the settings going insane or a fake RAM reset program, to trick them into thinking that something went wrong. Actually messing with their work would just suck... Still sounds like something fun to implement though!
First, you should archive the programs so they aren't actually deleted. Then you do all the evil stuff. That kind of reminds me when Doors CS went haywire and my top secret project became renamed "537rowSwap(". I had to RAM clear to fix it, but I couldn't archive the program first, because "rowSwap(" is a function and it gives a syntax error if it is part of a program name. I do have some TI-BASIC code (no shells needed) for the TI-83 that fully resets your memory and leaves the calculator unresponsive for awhile (or at least that's what it did to me).

SourceCoder 3 (GLITCH) wrote:
:"ABCD->Str2 //I don't know if other strings work, this is just what I did
:If expr(Str2:Then //At this point it crashes
This program works better for people who are more clueless with their calculators. In my freshman and sophomore year, calculator gaming was very popular. I was the full-on calculator nerd at Frontier Middle School and Westlake High School (As far as I know). Many people asked me to put games on their calculator, even the kids who were a big pain in the *yoink* (Not sure if mild swearing is allowed). The kids who were more annoying, I wish I would have put this fake program on their calcs and tell them to execute it, and they would have no clue at all what is going on. Which is one big reason why this program the way it is. I'll never get back those lost projects for what they did... never......
I understand now why this program would be completely amazing, and I would've loved to have this as well. As long as it doesn't permanently harm anything on the calc in any way, and just seriously scares the owner, I think it would be totally fine Very Happy.
It's harmless, only edits and deletes random files. One feature I was planning on adding but will never add a feature where it runs random (but functional) assembly programs.

This program and BASE will be uploaded later. I swear on it.
That sounds great. My only question is, what type of calculator is it for? You mentioned a SE in BASE, so that's what I'm assuming.
TI-83+/SE OS >= 1.13, TI-84+/SE OS >= 2.41
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