This evening, Adriweb was playing around with the CEmu source code, and compiled it for the TI-Nspire CX. Although it's a little sluggish, it works nicely. I wish that TI would include a newer TI-84 Plus family emulator on the newest calculators, akin to how this works, but I sadly suspect that the days of interchangeable keypads and supported TI-84+ emulation in the TI-Nspire line are behind us. Nice work on the core, Mateo et alia, and good work demoing the power of portable code, Adriweb.

I've also ported it to the Apple Watch Smile

This is an Apple Watch.
And it's joining the club of devices capable of running CEmu \o/

  • Sorry for the bad quality Razz
  • Yes, I know, the colors are messed up, I probably shifted some RGB bits a bit too hard, I'll fix that soon...
  • Yes, it's running natively on the watch, not on the iPhone.
  • No, it's not usable for now (no input etc.), I'm just showing that the core works.
  • If/When a download gets available, it will be here:

Video showing the speed:

Mega respect for Apple watch support - I wonder how could i install it. Hopefully it is easy and does not void warranties etc.

Not directly connected but i hope devepment of apps for CE can also be done eventually on iPhone alone.

Many thanks
i hope devepment of apps for CE can also be done eventually on iPhone alone.

Online IDEs, such as the local one or the TI-Planet Project Builder, are one possible way to develop on smartphone / tablet platforms. That said, full-sized computers with larger screens and real keyboards are more convenient and productive Smile
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