It is December, and that can only mean one thing: has opened up voting for the annual Program of the Year competition!

Currently, you can vote for the TI-83+ series candidates, which are as follows:
Axagon - matrefeytontias
Slova - Hot_Dog
The World's Hardest Game - MateoConLechuga

Eventually, voting will open for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, the TI-84 Plus CE, TI-Nspire, and TI-89 categories.

The candidates for TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition:
Body of Evidence - KermMartian
Earth Impact - KermMartian
Science Friction - KermMartian
Zombie Apocalypse Part I - KermMartian
Zombie Apocalypse Part II - KermMartian
Portal Returns - MateoConLechuga
First Fantasy: Mana Force - DJ Omnimaga

The candidates for TI-84 Plus CE:
Portal Returns - MateoConLechuga
Pac-Man - MateoConLechuga
Robot Finds Kitten - DrDnar
Tetric A - KermMartian
Cesium - MateoConLechuga
Mandragore - critor
Androides 2.0 - critor

The candidate for TI-Nspire:
Fractal Zoomer - JensK

The candidates for TI-89:
The Legend of Zelda: Simple Quest - Kyle Ingalsbe
Twilight Legion - Michael Hergenrader
Good luck this year, everyone! May the best man (or woman) win. It looks like the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and TI-84 Plus CE will have particularly stiff competition, especially with Mateo and I dominating the lists there. Wink
I feel like they shouldn't have put all of your nspire STEM ports separately, and instead just chosen the best two, or something, so that more people could compete in those standings.
It looks like we know the winner for TI-Nspire already! Razz
that's a whole load of Kerm up there. Good luck to the contestants and their programs!
I think Portal and Tetric A might be the only of those entries I've played, and I don't even own the relevant calculators!
You got to cheat by generously volunteering your time at World Maker Faire and playing with my TI-84 Plus CE, though. Wink Regarding the TI-83+/TI-84+ category, I'm having a hard time deciding. All three entries are great and clearing took a lot of their creators' time. I'll probably vote for Slova only because it has an educational component, and I want to encourage that. I wish I could vote for all three!

Travis, do you know when you'll be switching the poll to the TI-84 Plus CSE category, ie, how many extra days do you plan to add for the login glitches?
I'm thinking somewhere between 1–2 days, give or take.
And it's here! Travis has published the next category, and it's TI-84+CSE/CE TI-BASIC. The entries are my five STEM Behind Hollywood programs and DJ_O's First Fantasy: Mana Force. Travis's reasons for making them five separate programs make sense to me; I just wish there was a way their votes could be aggregated. Wink Travis has also indicated what the three color-screen calculator POTY categories will be:
  • 84+CSE Assembly (the CSE version of Portal Returns is the only entry)
  • 84+CE Assembly
If you didn't vote in the TI-84 Plus CSE/CE BASIC category, you have missed your chance. I don't have much hope that a single one of my STEM Behind Hollywood programs beat DJ_O's First Fantasy game, but we shall see. Anyway, now we're on to TI-84 Plus CE assembly games, as announced on
*bump* Has everyone seen that the 2015 POTY results have been announced? Axagon by Matrefeytontias won for the monochrome calculators, DJ_O's First Fantasy RPG beat all five of my STEM Behind Hollywood programs (for 12 vs. an aggregate of 4 votes) for the TI-84+CSE/CE TI-BASIC category, Portal Returns won the TI-84+CSE/CE ASM category, Twilight Legion won for the 68k calculators, and Fractal Zoomer defaulted for the TI-Nspire category. Full results:
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