Yesterday, Cemetechian MateoConLechuga posted about a project he, Jacobly, Adriweb, Lionel Debroux, Vogtinator, and others have been working on: CEmu - A CE Emulator. CEmu is open-source, and the Github repository can be found here. Currently, there are no binary releases available, but for those with GNU toolchains and QT on their machines, it is in a buildable and usable state.

Features include emulation of the TI-84+CE (obviously), built-in rom dumping, a ez80 debugger, animated and still screenshot taking, and a killer docks/tabs-based GUI (based on Firebird Emu by Vogtinator). Currently there is no file transfer support, but it is being worked on. Also on the todo list is expanding the debugger so it can be more useful to ez80 programmers, as well as updating gdb-z80 for use with ez80, making CEmu more useful to C programmers as well.

For those interested in contributing, mateo says "...if you have sufficient knowledge in anything you feel could help out, feel free to send a pull request my way or ask nicely and I can add you as a collaborator." The IRC channels associated with CEmu are #ez80-dev and #cemu-dev on EFnet.
CEmu is licenced under the GPLv3.
First of all, super cool, and second, excellent timing on the post, getting it in before noon Wink
Haha, nice catch on the post time. Yep, I'm impressed with how quickly Mateo was able to put this together with a little assistance (like his previous, quickly-created projects like Cesium et alia), and I can't wait to see where it goes. Just as jsTIfied led the way for the many emulators that gained CSE support, it's great to see a CE emulator breaking ground and showing everyone that emulation is possible, with some hard work. Not to mention the easier debugging that ASM coders like us will now enjoy.
Xeda112358 wrote:
First of all, super cool, and second, excellent timing on the post, getting it in before noon Wink

Wow I didn't notice that. Nice catch, Xeda!
I got some win32 nightly builds up and running on my server:
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