What would be our Cemetech Clan Name?
CAC (Cemetech Agario Clan)
 92%  [ 12 ]
CCN (Cemetech Clan Name)
 7%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 13

PT_ wrote:
Time for some updates!
For me, I've now Christmas-holiday, so enough time for Cemetech Agario Sessions.

Some not-Cemetech-related-stuff:
My new highscore is 45771
--image-- (removed to clear up the post)

Also, my brother and I started a YouTube account, you can find it here, and we already uploaded 1 video (don't ask me how long that took Razz). Subscribers are always welcome Smile.

I hope that we will play Agario and make some nice videos for YouTube. Today the first one?

Happy Holidays!!! Yes, this means that I will have a lot of time to play too, hopefully it actually works. Sad
Believe it or not, but my brother and I just played Agario

You won't believe what our highscore was


That was soooooooo amazing Smile Smile Very Happy

Here's a screenshot Very Happy

Tomorrow I will create a new video for our YT-channel. Check it out! Smile
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