Caleb_Hill wrote:
DWMelon wrote:
Caleb_Hill wrote:
To start, while I'm developing the program, I will only use 10 words. Then, once I have optimized and refined the program, I will increase the words somewhere from 20-50 each (difficulty level).

That makes sense.

What if you allowed the use to choose what words to add to the word list? You could ask for input, then add it to the string of words.

I feel like though that would be nice, It would be unnecessary. Again, I can see how that would be cool. The User would probably have their words added to the String, but then the RandInt( commands would have to be adjusted with variables. That will be a little pain in the butt, so maybe, again, when I'm done with the program.
Speaking of which, time to get back to that flow chart!

Actually fixing the RandInt command wouldn't be too difficult. All you would have to do is know how long the words are in the string already. You could do:

Let Str1 = (the string containing the list of words) and the length of each word is 5


This should work no matter how many words you have.
Oh, your right! that works so well. I never thought of using the length( command for RandInt(. THanks for the tip. ill probably use that. Eventually...
This project looks good so far. Keep it up, CHill... and don't forget to CHill.
caleb1997 wrote:
This project looks good so far. Keep it up, CHill... and don't forget to CHill.


Definitely implementing most of the ideas from this topic into the code, which is coming along very well.
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