I love XKCD, and this particular one is one of the best! (even though i cant drink yet...)
Happy Birthday MateoConLechuga, you have inspired us all to be super cool programmers. Your extensive knowledge of C drives others to seek that same knowledge that you have acquired and brings more people to be active in the steadily growing calculator community. While I am belated in responding to this (and creating a well constructed thoughtful post), I wish you a Happy Birthday, and hope you have many more awesome birthdays to come! Smile

Quality over Quantity: 99
It's that time of the year again: happy birthday Mateo! Smile

Mateo ^
Merry birthday! I hope your cake is great!

EDIT: sure I'll add a meme
Happy birthday, Mateo!

I hope you spend your time doing something you enjoy! (hopefully something other than programming or answering the frantic pleas of people who can’t find the docs)
Happy birthday Mateo! Have lots of cake, meet some friends, and pursue your hobbies! You deserve it! Very Happy

Also, have a random image I found on the internet and found suitable to occasionally describe you:
Happy birthday MateoC!
Happy birthday Mateo! Very Happy
Happy birthday! Smile Smile Smile
Happy birthday, master programmer!!!
Happy birthday MateoC! Very Happy
Happy birthday, Matt (Mateo) with lettuce!
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday! Go eat some lettuce! Smile Have a lettuce cake!
Happy birthday Mateo! Smile
Oh geez, I know I'm late, but Happy Birthday! Hope it was an awesome day Very Happy
Happy birthday, thank you for helping me with all the tool chain code for the TI-84 Plus CE.
Hey everyone by the way you can't just post "Happy birthday." Here at cemetech it's regularly bashed into my head that "quality over quantity" is the overriding philosophy. Please expand on your birthday wishes. Thanks.
Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! It was a pretty nice day Smile
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