I'm trying to write a micro-QR Code generator in pure TI-83 BASIC. So far I've added everything except the actual bit stream generation. I'll need help with the Reed-Solomon ECC stuffs; I am particularly confused by how this works.

It should generate a M3-L micro-QR code from a selected variable, and the output is (hopefully):

┬ ┬ └────data────┘
│ └ Exponent
└─ Variable (A=01, ... theta=37)

Currently it shows the correct 15-bit format data and the alignment box, and the masking code is in a subprogram at the moment because I can't use it yet. Pretty soon (before 2013, assuming ECC is figured out) it'll be able to display a scannable code.
Can you explain what microQR is for those of us who are unfamiliar?
Wikipedia doesn't really have a lot of information about micro QR, but it's essentially a small version of a QR code. It doesn't hold a lot of data, but it holds enough for my purposes.
How do you intend to use this ? Is it just an exercise to produce the image on calc or will you output the image through the link port?
It only produces the image on the graph screen. I have no intent to write a decoder; I don't have that kind of time.
Am I correctly reading that the thing you need help with is understanding how Reed-Solomon coding for error detection/correction? I assume you've browsed a few relevant tutorials and are still lost?
I did, and I still got lost. It's been a while since I've looked at this code, so I'll take another shot at it this week and figure out which parts I still get lost with. I learned a fair bit of C++ and Python in the 3 years this topic has sat for (o.o), so I may be able to get the gist of this looking at example code.
Great, best of luck; I hope it makes a bit more sense to you this time around. Having a bit of experience programming, and moreover programming assorted algorithms, definitely gives one a bit more insight to understand unfamiliar algorithms, in my experience. And of course, I'd be happy to answer questions you may still have about implementation after you review the concepts.
I had a previous idea about creating an on-calc qr generator, but I had no idea how qr codes are generated. How do you plan on doing this?
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