This is a port of my Catylizm game for the Prizm that won first place in the Cemetech Contest #13. It works fine, but it is a little slow. I need to figure out a way to increase speed. Smile

Side-by-side screenshots with the Prizm version:

Download from here:
Wow, it not only looks very true to the original, it appears that you did a good job transforming it to the squarer TI-Nspire LCD. How much slower is it than the Prizm version? If it's written in Lua, I'm sure some of our Lua experts would be happy to help you optimize your code.
It's slightly slower than the original, but the slowness does add up and the Prizm finishes its fuel faster. I directly ported it from the original C code, so those lua experts might not be able to help me. Razz
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