Update : the TI-Concours 2016 starts on January 11th ! Get ready ! Very Happy


the TI-Concours 2016 will probably be held in a few months, and now I am trying to decide which languages will be allowed this year.

The TI-Concours is a programming contest in which you use your calculator. Il was held once a year from 2011 to 2014 but it was cancelled in 2015. In order to win this year you will have to make several programs that will mostly be entertaining, so that you may enjoy it. Wink

There is no oral exam from now on. Wink

If you are interested by this contest, and if you are willing to participate when it starts, then please help by filling this form : http://goo.gl/forms/7k4B5Hyo1R.
This is not a registration form, this is a survey to help me choose which categories there will be in 2016.

Thanks !

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