It is time for the alpha! So with out further ado, Welcome to the alpha session of Escheron: Twilight over Ragnoth.

This is a closed alpha. What does that mean for you all? It means you need to be granted access to participate. Sadly there are also a limited number of slots due to a request by Zera to keep story exposure to a minimum. No reason to spoil the story to the whole community before the game is out

To be granted access to participate in this beta you must send me a private message detailing why you are good candidate for the alpha, and how much time you are willing to put into the project. What we are asking for is below in the read me included in this post.


/---------Escheron: Twilight Over Ragnoth ~ Alpha--------------
| Rodger "Iambian" Weisman
| Tim 'Geekboy1011' Keller
| Zera
/----------- All these dots must fit on one line. -------------
| This is the initial, and first official, semi public release
| Of E:ToR. Welcome to the world of Escheron!
| In this alpha test we are looking for you to run around and
| try to break all of the things. No seriously I mean it
| We want to know all of the bugs you can find. So we can
| fix them and make this a better game for everyone.
| On top of all of that we want your opinion, yes you have
| one. We want you to let us know what you think of the
| maps, user interface, Dialog display issues and well
| anything.
/----------------Known Issues And Incomplete areas-------------
| I: Why is there no fancy title screen, Those are the best.
| S: Because that is a project killer! Would not just want
| "Another Fancy Title Screen Demo v9001" again do
| we?
| I: Fey Wood is not a puzzle yet.
| S: We know it will be implemented in beta
| I: While using NoClip X.....
| S: Yeah anything abnormal in noclip mode will be ignored
| Or marked as wontfix. Seriously its for debug use
| I: Why is it not smooth scrolling?
| S: Pepperidge Farms rememebers we tried that once.....
| I: Using DevBlock while on the (air)ship makes me fly/sail
| indoors.
| S: Yeah we know. Its fun right? Call it a feature.
| (Its a debug item people....)
| I: I can't take items/delete spells on the Guest NPC's
| S: We know, it's coded that way to save you from deleting
| important items as we do not track their inventory
| 2nd = Comfirm
| Mode = Back
| D-Pad = move
/----------------------Debug Controls--------------------------
| Y= Debug info, Toggle Noclip mode
| Del = Generate and spawn in a random Underdeep map
/-----------------------Debug Items----------------------------
| Devblock = Use it to return to the debug map from anywhere
/---------------------Additional Notes-------------------------
| The battle engine is not completed. Instead you get a popup
| saying what you would have encountered. You can figure
| out what you encountered in Src/Data/EnemyFormations.z80
| We want to know what you think of the flow of maps. Do they
| feel appropriatly sized and spaced, Not confusing etc.
| The underdeep is 8 floors deep. Using Del will reset you to
| floor 1
/--------------------Thank you for testing!--------------------
|Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
| Rrrrrraaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!~~~~~~

Those of you accepted into the alpha will be granted access to "supported" Alpha dev builds. After the alpha period is over we will gladly send you a new build to continue testing as we add new feature and what not. All you need to do is ask. Hopefully that is some good incentive for you all to apply!

Seriously everyone if you have the time apply. We are not looking for any specific skill set in this. We are just looking for some people with the time and inclination to scour the game for bad/messed up content, because quite frankly we have been staring at this for way to long and have a long time to go. So some fresh eyes are really welcome!
I currently have received 3 applications for alpha testing and was hoping to get a few more for the pool to select from. Anyone interested? (or as this post really is BumP!)
The alpha testers have been decided!

They are
They have been sent the alpha, Thank you all for your applications. Now lets get bug hunting! Hopefully this thread will get active now Razz
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