Hello Very Happy
Here is the thread for my Oiram Packs.
Feel free to give comments and feedback, and if you are a guest reading this, sign up so I can hear yours!

Here are the planned worlds to be released:
•Wooden Plateau (In Download)
•Wet Shores (In Download)
•Wispy Clouds (In Download)
•Frozen Tundra (or The Land of Snow Return Rolling Eyes) (WIP rn)
•Green Land
•Retro World
•Leafy Jungle
•Lava Lakes
•Challenge World

All worlds will have 7 (Or maybe more) levels in them. Suggest a world in the reply box, and maybe I'll make it!

Download: https://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&path=/84pce/asm/levels/SuperMarmWorlds123.zip

NOTE: I made a topic similar to this and can't seem to find it (I also used search to no avail).
I found the old post by going to your profile, and clicking "find all posts by *usernane*"
Genius. Thank you! ;D
You are welcome!
Rookie mistake! Smile
Just try not to make it again.
The update is now downloadable!
Perhaps you could do a Mountain level? With rivers of lava?
I could try that...

Thanks for submitting your idea! I may incorporate that into my lava lakes world! Very Happy
W4 is 57% ish done!

The Ghost House will be difficult to get out of so get ready!

W3 has some mistakes, such as not being ale to enter the Boo House! Fixed below, and too lazy to submit to Ceme. right now, so come over to download the fixed pack along with other changes. (Sorry for double post btw)
Update! 1,2,3,4 and 5 are here to the Cemetech Archives! Enjoy!

Codewalr.us is where I usually post, so be there for updates on this Oiram Pack.

Lava Lakes is next and expect it in 2 weeks or so.

Well, some bad news. This pack has been going through major reworks and the most recent version of the pack has only ONE level done. I am juggling a lot of things like school (2 APs) and recreational time and stuff. Creativity is really taken a blow due to HW but I have a lot of time today so maybe 3 levels done today?

Stats for the recent released packs (1,2,3,4 and 5):
Cemetech: 401
TiPlanet: 273
CW: 19 Sad (This is weird because this is where I usually post the recent news/packs)
CW has less activity than the other forums.

Hence less downloads.

Decide what gets created next!
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