I have everything but enough free time. BUt I will do it anyways Smile I feel like being in the credits section, lol
Update: It's been a really long time, and now I'm in summer mode. Thankfully, today, I got pretty bored, so I finished World 2 maps, started more work on World 3 maps and added all the chests that exist so far.
Here's my progress again: This time visually! Finished W3 and all it's chests, just now starting on W4.
World Screenshots (Mono): HUGE SPOILERS!

World 1; Plain Plains

World 2; Dragon's Den

World 3; Worry Quarry
Turns out that learning Java had more to do with Sorcery than just taking my map-making time away:

That's right! I made a fully featured map maker in Java. My old map maker was an oncalc maker in TI-Basic. It was horribly slow and had such a roundabout way to actually insert the maps into my map AppVar. That was part of the reason I kept on complaining that map-making was difficult. Now, I get to make maps much faster and much easier! The only actual difficulty I have with making maps now is taking screenshots with that TI-84 greenish color instead of pure B/W. However, I'll write another program that just loads the map onto the screen so I can take a screenshot.
I believe I can distribute Eclipse projects as fully-fledged Java applications, so if you're interested in making maps for me now, please contact me.

In other news, I had to split the maps AppVar in two (eventually 3). Towards line ~18 or 20 of the AppVar, loading becomes slow. At about ~23, the wait becomes extremely noticeable. Coincidentally, 22 is where the first World 4 map was, so I split them at World 4, and will split them again at World 7. I had this same issue with Sorcery CSE (world 8 maps took longer to load than world 1 maps or even world 6/7 ones) although this problem wasn't nearly as serious as it is here. Of course, this means the same amount of space taken up by Sorcery, just more files to install.


Here's the latest screenshot showing all the game features (for when I put it into the Archives). Shows all the features implemented. The only thing left to do is implement maps!
Hello everyone! I'm officially releasing within two days!
Okay, it will be quite a few hours from now (after I sleep at least once), but maps are 90% complete! Well, actually, they're 89.6% complete (52/58 maps done as of posting) but you get the idea. All map stuff, NPC text, battles, bosses, etc. are complete. All that's left to do is finish maps and test everything. Thanks for sticking with me through this rough porting process, and I hope that everyone gets to enjoy Sorcery of Uvutu Monochrome over the weekend Wink
The port is FINALLY finished!! You can download in the topic OP. I've uploaded Sorcery v1.4!
Changelog for CSE version:
*Minor optimizations
*Increasing speed of walking quite a bit
*Fixed crash when talking to the move upgrader outside of Town in W8
*Fixed issue where regular enemies on the boss screen of W8 had much higher HP
I can't believe it!!! Great job. Sorry I didn't help more Very Happy
Switchblade wrote:
I can't believe it!!! Great job. Sorry I didn't help more Very Happy

Not a problem at all! In all honesty it was pretty hard to do any work with my old map creator program. I did something like 3.5 worlds just by myself in about two or so weeks with the new program. That shows you how much I disliked the old program, and how much I like the new one.

Using Sorcery of Uvutu assets (although they're upscaled here), I've made a breakthrough with C; I can actually make this image move around!

Learning SDL right now, I'm using 2D assets and a default Code::Blocks bmp to test my progress. That's it. That's all I've gotten. No tile collision, no battles, no nothing. Just. walking. around. Really boring, but I'm actually really excited, because the fun part comes next: actually fleshing out this engine. For now, I'm going to continue with more SDL stuff, but I may make this into a game if I have not much else to do.
I know this sounds annoying, and it has been a while, but could you try to port this to the TI-84 Plus CE? I wish I could play it! Sad
NoaxPrime wrote:
I know this sounds annoying, and it has been a while, but could you try to port this to the TI-84 Plus CE? I wish I could play it! Sad

Maybe, but outer is currently working on 2 solo projects and a duo project right now.
Also, Uvutu uses xLIBC and Celtic.
Please refrain from double-posting, mets11rap.

The general, rule-of-thumb rule is to use the edit button, unless a significant (~24 hours) amount of time has passed, or there has been a major update.
Sorry. Sad
NoaxPrime wrote:
I know this sounds annoying, and it has been a while, but could you try to port this to the TI-84 Plus CE? I wish I could play it! Sad

Once xLIBCE and DoorsCE have been ported (and assuming that the libraries stay the exact same in terms of functionality), then this will be playable on the CE! I could port to the CE, since I know C, but as mets11rap said, I am wrapped up right now, as well as the fact that I haven't made a C game for the CE at all yet. Be patient, and you will be able to play!
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