so, I am trying to make my TI-BASIC programs more interesting by adding inline asm commands (i.e. Asm("hex_string") ). I don't know really know how this works, and would like to know more than just typing in hex of commands I know. Are their hex (or decimal) numbers for every asm command?
And if so, how would I access a list of them?
Thanks for any help!
Do you mean using Asmprgm? If so, it needs to be in its own program. Here's a link that has a few useful codes, and you could probably find more. Though, this may only work on the TI-84+. You can try some of them on later models to see if they work.
You could try ExecHex if you have DoorsCS installed. It's better to feed whatever you want to write in assembly into an assembler and then copying the hex code to your calculator, rather than having to convert opcodes into hexadecimal by hand. Alternatively, you can just use premade codes like what calcnerd linked to if you don't really know what you're doing.
As I mentioned in this thread, there are a few ways to get asm code going from a basic program. If you want to remain in pure basic, then as far as I know, there is no way to do it without calling separate subprograms. However, using libs like Celtic allow you to either use ExecHex, or (if such a command is not available like on the CSE) you can create a temporary subprogram, load some hex into it and run it as you would a regular asm program, then delete it if you wish to do so, allowing you to keep everything neatly contained in a single program at the expense of a little bit of size and speed.
These suggestions are great. Thanks to everyone for helping me understand this better.
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