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Realistically, as long as I'm CEO of a startup, finding the time to dedicate to doing Doors CE properly (which would likely be a notable departure from its current form, with all of the advancements that have been made since I wrote the beta) is highly unlikely. I want Doors CE to exist at least as much as the next guy; I think Cesium more than covers people's shell needs for now, but Doors CE is a different sort of beast with different goals, and I believe could peacefully coexist with Cesium. I've had a longstanding effort to at least provide the hybrid BASIC libs, since that's something that is notably missing from the CE, but various problems I don't want to talk about have repeatedly delayed that. And networking would be amazing, but as stated, CALCnet as written for the older calculators is highly unlikely (unless jacobly finds me one more missing manipulation to bitbang the D+/D- lines in the USB port he hadn't previously found), so a new version would have to use some sort of USB hardware.

tl;dr: No news, only lack of time and wishes for more time.
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