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You know, if you want to be a nice guy, every week when you back up, also make an archive so that people don't have to download each file individually (a "weekly build" would be nice too Wink)
Hmm, that's not a bad idea. I think I'll do that.
KermMartian wrote:
It's right here, elfprince:


now us impatient ones can compile on our own and see the progress as it happens Wink
so Kerm now that much of the work for doors cx6 is done, when we get the app how big will it be, and will source be included in the release
lol, its more like Doors CS 5.6 right now, its not anywhere near 6 yet. Don't expect DCS 6 until next year Wink
still much of the work is done from what i see, and i am not pushing for it soon nor expecting it soon, just wondering about size, and weather source will be seperate or included
The size will be 32k, as it is too big to fit on a single app page. The source will probably be included, as there isn't really any reason why it won't be (it is, after all, freely available now)
I will indeed continue making it available, as long as people don't abuse it. I have a large chunk of DCS 6 done, and from here on in it's more tedium, debugging, and modifying existing routines than anything else.
cool thanks for letting me know
No problem. Kllrnohj finally suceeded in making me publish the source, as resistant as I was to the idea originally.
i noticed, and thank you for publishing it, are you going to join googles summer of code project some year, then you could get some help with the costs of the website, and you now have a major open source project, so it might be accepted
Out of curiosity, why is it important to you? Do you plan to try to learn ASM, and hope to use Doors CS's source code to help you learn?
i have been planning to learn asm for a while Kerm, last time i tried i failed though, and i might use snippets of code for asm helpers, like if i needed to use tici in a personal program not for publishing
I see, that makes sense. Well, good luck with that.
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