I have a ti 86 that I would really like to experiment with. I also have a computer from 1989 that has a serial port and a Ti 86 linking program (what are the odds?) Here's what the linking program looks like:

Also, I found this schematic online for a potential Link circuit. Do you think it will work? Thanks in advance for replies! Smile

EDIT:: I also have a parallel port if that's easier. I think I have a parallel cable somewhere too.
Personally I would not try this... Not because I believe it is wrong, just because the calculator was too precious for me to have a risk of breaking it Wink.

But this is my personal opinion and I don't want you to stop this project because of that. It should rather make you feel "the winner" if you actually get it to work Very Happy.
Yeah, I'm at least going to try it but if the calc does show any signs of damage or crashing then I will have to find another way. Thanks for the info and I completely agree Smile
Ok, so I have made a parallel connection on a breadboard and when I use the software's test function it says that the hardware test is successful! But, there's bad news too. I can't for the life of me get anything to send to this calc. I hit enter and the program just sits on Sending... I know that something is happening because the calc's cursor stops blinking when it says sending and when I abort it it starts blinking again. Suggestions? I have no idea what is happening.
Blinking cursor? I assume you don't have the calc in link mode, then.
2nd -> Link -> Receive... -> Enter Wink
You can also use TiLP and a regular SilverLink, if you have that.
Hmm... With newer calcs you don't have to do that. You just use ti connect and it goes. I'll try your way and see if it works.
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