So, I've started another project with my overnight self-taught knowledge of TI-BASIC. This time, I've started my first game, inspired by Jeremy Burke's Mr. Bill's Bad Day Out. This story is about his equally unlucky brother, Bob, but with some differences. There will be at least 2 clear ways to win, not just one way to not die, and this is also made "Adventur style."

Screenshots from TI Connect CE:

So far, I've done little, but here's a small demo! I'm sure it's bug free, apart from the missing Lbl instructions, and could use optimization.
It is my second from-scratch TI-BASIC program ever, after all.
Here it is!
This game seems pretty good lol
Did you see an errors at all? I no longer own a CE, but I still want to complete the game.
I didn't find any errors. Awesome game! I can't wait for its release! Just the first part was hilarious!
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