First of all, yay, 1337 posts Cool Now I'm part of the elite of Cemetech Very Happy

Second, less important (jk), I want to post about a new game I'm making in C: CurveFever CE. This is a port of the rather popular online game CurveFever, which I played a lot in the past, together with my brother. Just because of my 1337th post I wanted to release something new, or create a new game, or whatever, so this is the result:


Basically, you have to control a 'snake', by holding down a left and a right key (you should be able to set the keys in a menu) to move through the field, and trying to survive as long as possible. You can block others if you move well enough, and in the future I will add powerups as well, to slow down others, or move them the other way around... There will be a score board at the right, which needs to be added as well.

My intention was to make it for 4 players, all at one calc (oh boy, that's gonna be fun), but I'm not sure if that's feasible, especially with such small field. In the far future I might even add linking, that you can play 1v1 at 2 calculators. I've added in a timer to make sure you have a constant FPS, I set that now at 30 FPS which should be enough.

Anyway, enjoy the screenshots I will post in the future and if you have questions, suggestions, comments, hate comments or you just like it, feel free to post it! Smile
Wow! Congrats on becoming LEET! Razz

I kind of remember this game, it'll be neat to see it on a calculator! It also kind of reminds me of a 2D light-bike game.

Multiplayer would be really neat! Especially multicalc! (Multiplayer and multicalc at the same time? Razz) However, like you stated, I don't know if 4 players would be feasible with such a small screen.
TheLastMillennial wrote:
Multiplayer and multicalc at the same time? Razz

You should try single player AND multicalc!

Anyways, congrats to PT_, our friendly neighborhood ICE wizard, on reaching this milestone, and creating this actually quite cool (albeit unfinished) game!
I've added in random gaps, and the first part of checking if you hit another line. For now, you can just pass through your own line, but not through anothers:

Got some more things done; I've added powerups, for example, slow down the opponent(s), speed up, thicker line etc. They appear randomly and when you 'pick up' a powerup, it disappears. They don't work correctly, I gonna work on that. Smile

Now pretty much every powerup is working, except the 'corners' one, where you turn with 90 degress if you press left or right. Smile

(#fail at the end Razz)
Awesome work PT_ Smile Out of curiosity; how are you handling circle collision?
This is amazing work, sir! It reminds me a little bit of one of my favorite graphing calculator games, Uncle Worm. I'm glad you were able to make something new and exciting for your 1337th post. Smile
This is kinda cool to see, a new game being made! One thing I would change, though, is to make the gaps come on a timer, as that's how the original seems to do it.
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