For many years, rom8x by Andree Chea has been Cemetech's most-recommended way of creating a ROM image for your graphing calculator. Although we are by no means lawyers, we believe the fact that rom8x forces you to dump part of your own calculator's unique ROM to combine with an OS upgrade file makes it a legal way to dump your calculator's ROM in the spirit and letter of the law. Other methods, like the controversial BootFree method included in the WabbitEmu emulator, combine an open-source boot code with an OS upgrade file from TI Education's website, meaning that users can create a ROM image even if they don't have a real calculator. Unfortunately, Andree's original rom8x v0.2 only supported the TI-83 Plus/Silver Edition and TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition.

Cemetech administrator Tari has taken it upon himself to create a new version of rom8x, which we are calling rom8x Modernized. It adds TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition support to rom8x, an important addition if you want to use the jsTIfied online graphing calculator emulator as a TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. It also adds a thorough and understandable HTML readme file that holds your hand through the process of creating a ROM image. Of course, if you get stuck, don't hesitate to ask for help in the attached thread. Thanks to Tari for this important update to a community-favorite tool.

rom8x Modernized

Hi, I'm sure it's me and I'm doing something wrong but when I load the G84CSE1.8xp and G84CSE2.8xp files to my TI-84+CSE and execute them I just get an ERROR: SYNTAX message returned. Anyone got any thoughts?
How are you running them? I think they're ASM programs, so you need to make sure to include the Asm( token. Or use DCSE, which removes that requirement.
Doh! Laughing Of course, they are ASM programs. Knew it was me doing something wrong. All working fine now. Thanks.
spig wrote:
Doh! 0x5 Of course, they are ASM programs. Knew it was me doing something wrong. All working fine now. Thanks.
Great, glad to hear you were able to use this tool and it did the trick for you. Of course do let me know in one of the jsTIfied topics if you have any trouble using the ROM you created with rom8x.
There seems to be no other topic that I can find for bug reports, so: bug report for Tari. Neither readme.txt nor readme.html specifies that you need to use Asm() to run the certificate-dumping programs. See this post for the instructions I gave.
Added a note to the README that Asm( is required.
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