For a rather long time, we have had the ability to make C programs for the TI-84+ CE. However, the process has been long and complicated... Until now. MateoConLechuga has just released a C SDK for the CE, making it easier for those who don't know assembly or prefer C to program the CE. In addition, he has released libraries to make it easier to create graphics and interface with the keypad. These libraries take advantage of LibLoad, a way to dynamically link libraries on the CE, also written by Mateo. As always, his programs are open source and he encourages community contribution and pull requests. Along with CEmu, these tools can be used to make CE programming even more accessible. Good job Mateo. We can't wait to see what you have in store next!

Mateo's TI-84 Plus CE Programming Tools: More Information
C Programming SDK
C Libraries
LibLoad Library Loader
CEmu TI-84 Plus CE Emulator

This is pretty awesome! I can't wait to see what other programmers do with these tools.
Thanks for writing this up, pimath, and congratulations to Mateo for putting these all together. They no doubt took a great deal of your time, and I hope they'll push other programmers' projects forward. What do you have planned next, Mateo? I know you have your C tutorial underway; is the remainder of your time going towards refining the projects above?
Thank you pimath for the words! Smile Yes, the plan is to continue working on the libraries and make a few demo programs with them to demonstrate how they can be useful for doing things fast and easily. I need to finish the file library first though.
The implications of this are huge - great work Mateo! You continue to impress us all! Smile
can you use it on the 84+CSE?
Of course not, the 84+CSE is very different from the 84+CE Wink
This SDK works for the 83PCE, however.
No, the CSE is unsupported by the C compiler, as it uses a z80 processor and not the more modern ez80. There is primitive support for C development on the z80, by way of SDCC, but I think most of us would not recommend it.
Oh, okay.
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